Start at 1343 Tanstaafl Ln, Redding, CA 96001 call Rich Robinson 604-4371 Lets ride 2018 right out of here! Good bye, Good riddance, Get out of here! A coming, sure to be better year is a good reason for a party. Right! We'll have it at my house this year because I just feel so Lucky to still have a house. We'll have hot apple cider,COFFEE,cookies and Chili. Chili starts at 11. Plus what ever anybody else brings. There is some parking here but ride out if you can. There are tons of loops you can ride from here and you can get that Dam loop in if you feel the need. If MTBing out you can see and get to the house with a short hike a bike from French Fry. Theres only 3 houses left on Tanstaafl so we are pretty easy to find. Brought to you by Rich,Todd, Angie, Claudia and the Shasta Wheelmen. Jan 1 rain date