It Can’t Just Be About The Bike

Vacation seemed to be an appropriate subject for a June message. Thousands of words of inspiration came to mind; places, experiences and unique adventures. However, Rich Robinson recently wrote a poignant piece of prose which has been received as beautifully inspirational and he has given permission to have it reproduced in this newsletter. It captures so much, everyone will relate to something here, more so than vacations.

“For me it can’t be just about the bike. Bikes are cool. They’re all cool. It doesn’t matter if it’s a Colnago, or a Raleigh. You probably love yours. Or maybe you lust after a newer ride. A lighter, faster, more aero ride. We talk about them over coffee or dream about them on our pillow. We clean, polish, lube and adjust them. We wrap new bar tape and mount new tires. We even buy them jewelry. Or bike jewelry for ourselves.

If you truly want to get the most out of cycling I think it has to be more than just about the bike. Sometimes I wonder if I ride for the ride or for the friends. Some people want to get it going, ride, finish, and go home. I want to get there early, discuss the ride while we mount some wheels, pump tires and preen. Yeah, cyclists preen. I want time to meet the new guys and greet the friends who always ride.

Pretty sure almost everyone I have ridden with has wanted to shut me up at some point during the ride. Sorry!

After the ride I want to share some libations, pizza, tacos and chatter. We’ll brag about the last ride and plan the next. Planning rides is almost as good riding; figuring out routes and planning stops.

I like my bike and am always lusting after another. But bikes in reality are just the link that connects me to so many friends. Thanks to all of you who have ridden a mile or a thousand miles with me. You are what keeps it fun. Thousands more to come. It can’t just be about the bike.”

Of all the articles that have appeared in this newsletter about camaraderie and the love of cycling, Rich’s article may have said it best. Here is one cyclist’s spontaneous response: Rich, you are a true friend, and inspire us all both on and off our bikes. I am lucky to have found you and the group. Thanks for all the positives. You have helped me become a better cyclists and helped me feel connected to others through our mutual passion—cycling. From J & D.

Thanks Rich—  Patty